How to Play Beer Pong

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beer game expert Austin Lanham demonstrates how to play beer pong.

    Austin Lanham: I am Austin Lanham and I am teaching you how to play Beer Pong.

    We are here at Nobles Bar and Grill in Federal Hill in Baltimore. I am joined here with Jim Rider aka The Closer. He is the co-founder of MD Beer Pong with me. He is also the Manager of Nobles, Jamie and Theo of Wetballs. They are top 10 of 2008 World Series of Beer Pong, 2007 Maryland State Champion, 2007 International Champions and 2008 International Runners up.

    First, we are going to see how to start the game, then the normal game play and then the Rebuttals and Overtimes and eventually the end of the beer pong game. Some of the tools and the materials you will need are a beer pong table, some balls and some cups. Beer pong is not a very dangerous sport but there are some safety issues that you should be aware of. One you want to have a nice open area to play and that is conducive for beer pong. The second is you want to watch your drinking. Drinking is optional every one is here to have fun.

    So what you don't want to do is drink too much and put yourself at risk. Before we begin let me introduce myself. I am the Co-Founder of, one of the earliest and most successful beer pong leagues in the country. I have also computed all three of the world series of beer pong, facing into the top five place. I have won tournaments all over the country and I have been running beer pong tournaments here in Maryland for the past three years.