How to Play Darts – Equipment

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dart player Darren Parzow discusses the equipment for playing darts.

    Darren Parzow: Hi, I am Darren Parzow, Hall of Fame dart player. Today I am teaching you how to play darts. Right now we are talking about the equipment you are going to need to play darts. You are going to need a set of darts. In the standard set of darts you are going to find the point which enters the board which is connected to the barrel that you hold when you are throwing the dart. The shaft that is connected to the bail which holds the flight which is what is going to keep the dart straight in the air as you throw it. There is going to be different shapes of flights, different size shafts so you really need to do experiment then and see what works best with you. So you just need a dart board that's going to be hung at 5 feet 8 inches to the center of the bullseye and from the face of the board out to the throwing line, to be at 7 feet, 9 3/4 inches. I recommend a board with a removable number ring, that way you can rotate the board and replace the 20 at the top of the board so that you can increase the life of the board. You are going to need a scoreboard whether it's dry erase or chalk, you are going to need a dry erase marker or a chalk depending on the type of board you have. The standard scoreboard is going to have the scoring segments that you are going to need for the game of cricket that you are going to learn as well as area to mark down your score for the games of 301 and 501 that you are going to learn. You are also going to find area for you to put your name versus your opponent;s name. You are going to need a back board to protect your walls since you are just learning how to play darts and proper lighting. Now that I have discussed what you need to play darts, next, we are going to discuss the proper technique for playing darts.