How to Play Darts – The Game of Cricket

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dart player Darren Parzow demonstrates how to play darts, specifically the game of cricket.

    Darren Parzow: Hi, I am Darren Parzow, Hall of Fame dart player and I am here teaching you how to play darts. Now I am going to teach you the game of cricket which is probably the most popular game in America when it comes to playing darts. The basics of cricket are going to use the numbers 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and the bullseye on the dart board. As you noticed, they are not in order on the board. They are the 20, the 19, the 18, 17, 16, 15 and finally, the bullseye.

    This darts game you are going to be using the double, single and triple of those scoring segments as well, the way you want to play the game is you need to get three of each of those numbers to close your number out. So if you would have hit 120 you would score it like so. Once if you hit 2 it is an X and when you close that number out and you pick your third one it is a circle that means that number is closed out. In playing cricket, you can also score points meaning if your opponent still has the number open, but you hit the number 20 for example, if you were to go up and hit a single 20 and a triple 20 that is 60 and 20, 80 points.

    You would mark down 80 points on your side. Now for your opponent, it is like a chess game they need to use strategy to get those points back. So they are going to want to try and close the 19 and score extra 19s to get ahead of you, so if they hit two triple 19s and a single 19 that is a 133 points total. Now the reason I need those points are to win the game, you have to have every number closed on the board with an equal number or greater number of points. So in this situation, this player would win because they have everything closed, this player may have closed every number out first, but they didn't have a higher number of points than the other player. So points become a major factor in the game. Next I am going to be teaching you practice games to help you with your game of darts.