How to Play Ghostbusters: The Video Game

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn how to play the new Ghostbusters video game, including basic game functions, tips, cheats and other hints to make sure you ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

    Derek Campbell: Hi guys, I am Derek Campbell, Video Game Expert. And I am here today at Station 202 responding to an emergency call on official business. I have recently become an expert at busting ghost and slamming all types of ghosts and goblins from playing 'Ghostbusters: The Video Game'.

    Let me tell you a little bit about what we're going to be covering in today's video series. First off, I am going to give my personal review on the game. Typically, video game is based on movies, aren't really worth your time or your precious dollars that go into them. I'll tell you later on if that applies to this one.

    Next, I am going to give some tips on basic game play. You'll be able to see what my hands are doing while I am actually playing the game. Now, there is not a large learning curve to the control system, but with this tutorial, I guarantee you will maximize your enjoyment.

    Then, I am going to go over the tips and tricks you want to know before you start playing the game. There is more to ghostbusters than just busting ghost. You'll definitely want to be sure that you don't cross your streams.

    And finally, I'll go over tips on online multi-player mode. It's actually rather well done, and I bet you'll have a lot of fun. So we'll take a quick look at some of those things to help you and your fellow gamers slam dunk your way to the top of the leaderboards.

    There is a few safety precautions to consider before starting up to bust ghosts. First and foremost, this is a proton pack and it could be very dangerous, especially if you cross those streams. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    Next, getting slam by ghost is no fun. So you are going to want to avoid that at all cost. There is something to be said also for collateral damage. A few singed walls and broken pieces of furniture is enough to send anyone off the deep end. Just something to keep in mind, no matter how fun it is. Now, you're not going to need much to get started. All you're going to need is a gaming console and a fresh copy of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

    I've been classically trained in the art of video game tutorials from masters all around the globe. And I've been playing games since the Donovan Television. More over than that, I am a truly die hard fan of the Ghostbusters franchise. So, don't be afraid of no ghosts and let's get started.