How to Play Halo 3

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Derek Campbell demonstrates how to play Halo 3.

    Derek Campbell: Hi! I am Derek Campbell, Halo expert and ever since the release of Halo in November of 2001, I have sort of immersed myself into the world of the Master Chief. There is something about the first person shooter environment that really intrigues me. So, what we're going to be talking about today is some of the basics of Halo 3. In this video series we're going to be covering a variety of gaming topics.

    The first of which is your HUD where your Heads Up Display as it's called, we're also going to be learning how to wheel some of the USNC forces weapons, as well as some of the ones you're going to encounter on the Covenant side. Then we're going to begin into how to operate a gun turret and what kind of combative equipment you're going to need on the battle field, and lastly we're going to be talking about how to defeat a couple of difficult enemies, as well as how to operate and jack enemy vehicles in the Halo game.

    But before we begin I d like to talk a little bit about safety when playing video games. It's very important that you keep yourself healthy during game play. First off if you have history of epilepsy contact your doctor before you get going. Next, make sure you always keep yourself hydrated during game play. Myself, I always carry a 64-ounce Big Gulp, filled with the Gatorade and it has the electrolytes and it keeps me going pretty well. So every time I get a break in the action take a little sip; it keeps me going.

    Also, before beginning any long extent of video game play, I always intake plenty of protein before I get started, myself my favorite tasty snack is Hot Pockets. They seem to keep me going but it's important that you'd be safe of those as well. They can be very hot. So if you just bite right into them, often chances are they're going to burn you. Blow them up, cool them up, get some game play going and as soon as you got a break take a bite. Now to keep the healthier eyes it's always a good idea to sit at a healthy distance away from the TV. The good rule of thumb is if you can lean forward and touch the TV you are little bit too close. Last thing about safety is that you always want to stretch out. You should get up and get a good stretch going, shake everything out, every so often it's good that you avoid any problems that may incur from staying in one position too long, so go ahead and stretch it out a little bit.

    Lastly you are gonna need some materials to keep going. First thing you're going to need is an Xbox, next you're going to need a TV, myself I prefer a high-definition TV but you don't really need one to get going, you can begin with a standard definition TV. After that you re to need a controller, you are going to need the game, Halo 3 of course, and that should all you need to get started.

    So I think that about covers that. Stay tuned we're going to be talking about our Heads Up Display in Halo, coming up next.