How to Play Leap Frog for Kids

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Beth Wise demonstrates how to play leap frog with kids.

    Beth Wise: Hi, I am Beth Wise with Scribbler's Ink, an educational resources company in Orlando Florida and these are fun summer activities for children that we have been talking about today. Right now we have gone from the polar regions and the ice caps to the ocean, to the lakes and now we are going to go to the pool. We were in the pool doing some giant bubbles with kids and had a great time and now we are going to go back to our pool and do an activity, a game activity called the Leap Frog.

    What you need for this activity is our small children's kitty pool, filled - I am going to put a little bit more water at this time in the pool maybe half way filled up with water and if you have already have the soapy water you can use that I would like but we prefer that you go ahead and empty that water and use clean water so that children don't get soapened their eyes. The other materials that you are going to need for this are some hula hoops, three or four hula hoops will be perfect for this. What we are going to do a little outside we are going to have our pool setup for the children and one of the things I want to do now is just talk just a minute about safety because it is so critical around pools and with children in the summer time. Even though the kitty pool only has six or eight inches of water we want to be very careful that you are always supervising the children there. It only takes an inch or so of water for a child to possibly drown, so you are never want to take your eyes off of them and we want to make sure that the children are rough housing in the pool. We want them to have fun and we want them to laugh and jump and scream in the pool but we don't want anybody to be hurt. So please keep an eye on the kids. Make sure that they are supervised at all times and make sure that they parameters, that they know when they can go in the pool and who they can play with and all those kinds of things in the pool. So once you set the parameters, lets go we are getting ready for your game called leap frog. Outside of the swimming pool we are going to set our hula hoops and the line just barely touching or a few inches apart in a line down and at the end of the line coming into the pool we will have our leap frog kids. So we will have two kids set to be frogs. So they will squat down like a frog and then one will jump over -- hold down to the shoulders and jump over the frog in front of them to the next hula hoop. Then the child behind them will do them the same, jump over the child in front of them and till they leap frog all the way to the pool and then into their private frog pond. So that's the game, leap frog with the splash into the pool. Now after we have talked about this leap frog into the pool, we are there, we are wet and we are going to have a great time in the pool with another activity, that is an octopus in a jug.