How to Play Sudoku

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mathematician Laura Taalman demonstrates how to play Sudoku.

    Laura Taalman

    Laura Taalman is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at James Madison University. She received her Ph.D in mathematics from Duke University, and her undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago. Her research includes singular algebraic geometry, knot theory, and the mathematics of puzzles. She is the author of Integrated Calculus, a textbook that combines calculus, pre-calculus, and algebra into one course, and a recipient of the Trevor Evans Award and the Alder Award from the Mathematical Association of America.  As part of Brainfreeze Puzzles, she is an author of the puzzle book Color Sudoku.  Laura lives in Harrisonburg, Virginia where she spends way too much time playing and making puzzles.

    Laura Taalman: Hi! My name is Laura Taalman and I am with Brainfreeze Puzzles, the experts in crazy, twisted Sudoku variations. We make regular Sudoku puzzles and custom Sudoku puzzles for books, newspapers, magazines, organizations, even individuals. We turn coffee into puzzles. Today, I am going to show you how to play Sudoku. We will cover the rules of the game and some basic strategies you can use to solve Sudoku puzzles. I am going to go step by step and walk you through the entire solution to a Sudoku puzzle. Along the way we'll discuss the rules of Sudoku, whether or not you should guess when playing Sudoku and the techniques I call one choice, one place, scanning and double scanning. Then we'll use all these techniques to finish the puzzle together. Before we get started, you might want to print your own copy of the Sudoku puzzle we'll be working on today, or if you prefer, you can just follow along with the video. The Sudoku puzzle we'll be using is available for download and printing at I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia and part of my research centers around the mathematics of games and puzzles. Now, put on your thinking cap and get out your pencils; it's time to play Sudoku.