How to Play Table Tennis

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Counselor Matt Burch demonstrates how to play table tennis.

    Matt Burch: Hi, My name is Matt Burch here in Gainesville Georgia where I work as a counselor at Eagle Ranch. We are in the gymnasium at Eagle Ranch where we are going to be filming the 'How to' instructional video of How to play Table Tennis.

    We are going to be going through different drills to use, to improve your own Table Tennis skills such as Forehands, Backhands, Spins, Serves, Stance. It's going to be teaching basically beginner Table Tennis but it's useful for all levels of Table Tennis players, so that you will be able to have your own practice sessions in your own home and develop your own skills in Table Tennis. I having been playing Table Tennis since I was young, all the way up through college where I was entering tournaments and ultimately became ranked in the state of Georgia.

    The tools you are going to need while you are watching today's instructional videos, first of course is the Table Tennis paddle then you are also going to need a ball and then the table and lastly be sure to be near a wall, a door or something you can use to hit against when you are starting to do the drills and it's also important to be stretched before you begin these drills. You stretch your legs, your hamstrings, also your shoulders and your forearms, those are always important. Once you have done that, come back and we are going to go ahead and start the instructional how to play Table Tennis videos.

    Go ahead and go grab your Ping Pong paddle, head on back and we will begin our lessons.