How to Play the C Major Scale on the Recorder

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional recorder player and teacher Michelle Williams demonstrates how to play the C major scale on the recorder.

    Michelle Williams: Hi, I am Michelle Williams. We are at Foxes Music Company and we are learning how to play the recorder. We have learned how to play "Hot Cross Buns", "Merrily we roll along" and "When the saints go marching in" and now we are just going to learn the C major scale on the recorder and to do that we will just learn one more note and which is a higher C. We learned those C with all the fingers down and high C which is Octave higher is --So now and it's just almost the beginning, you are playing low C, raising your pinky for D, raising one finger at a time till you get to F by that other finger. Auto fingering kind of but anyway I will show. The C major scale is -- that is the reason why I wanted to teach you the C major scale because when you play "When the saints go marching" it does include part of the scale just when you start off with "When the saints...", this leaves out the D but otherwise the C major scale once more is - and that concludes the recorder lesson for the day.