How to Pole Dance

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Expert pole dancing instructor Lisa Peklo teaches basic and intermediate spins on the pole as well as some dance moves to enhance your workout or pole dancing practice. No experience is required, just a pole and a playful spirit!

    Lisa Peklo

    Lisa is the owner of DivaFit Pole Dancing Studio in Ashburn, VA. Lisa has a degree in Exercise Science from Virginia Tech and has worked in the fitness industry since 1991. Her background has included everything from managing health clubs to teaching fitness classes. Her most recent passion is pole dancing and in 2006 she opened DivaFit where she teaches both students and instructors in the art of pole dancing for fun and fitness. Lisa is also an ACE Certified Personal trainer and a YogaFit Level 2 Yoga Instructor.

    Lisa Peklo: Hi! I am Lisa Peklo, welcome to pole dancing for fun and fitness. I have been pole dancing for the last year, but previous to that I have been a personal trainer for 20 years. I have a degree in Exercise Science and have done lots of different workouts, and I can tell you that pole dancing has been the most fabulous and fun workout for me. You get the benefits of gaining upper body strength, lower body strength, if you add a lot of dance moves around the pole, you are going to work up and get sweat and get some cardio exercise. In addition to that you get all the great mental benefits of feeling sexy and strong and empowered and really free, flying around the pole. So, today we are going to learn some basic pole spins and some pole dancing moves to make it more of a workout, and even some sexy moves if you want to take it home and do your pole dancing for someone else. What you are going to need are comfortable clothes, anything that's not too excessively baggy, because you don't want a t-shirt or baggy pants to be wrapping around the pole and hindering you in that way. You want no lotion on your hands, so you don't flip off of your pole and you can buy removable poles online. So just make sure that your pole is secure, because you are going to be putting all your body weight on it when pole dancing.