How to Portion a Salmon

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bobby Varua demonstrates how to portion a salmon.

    Bobby Varua: Hi! My name is Bobby Varua, Executive Chef at 701 Restaurant here in Washington DC. We are going to show you how to break down a whole Atlantic salmon and make a nice simple spring summery dish.

    Alright, what we got here is our salmon fillet. It's already de-skin, de-bone, de-belly de everything. We are ready to go. What's I going to show you how to portion this out into a couple of portions. Sometimes, at home if you want to do a little family style, you can do the whole entire fish, but we are going to do an individual dish like we do here at the restaurant. We would like to do anywhere between six and seven ounces of fish.

    So once our fish is cleaned off clean, we are going to take our knife and we are going to spot about six ounces. I always use a -- depending on how big the belly is about four fingers lengths away. But we have six ounces, six ounces of the salmon and we are just going to butcher just like that and again if you have any friends who play football, you might have to go a little bit bigger. But you have some nice salmon here. We have got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, eight nice fillets, alright. That's it.

    Coming up next, we are going to show you how to take your salmon and make a nice beautiful summery spring dish.