How To Pot Container Herbs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates how to pot herbs.

    William Moss: Herbs are one of the easiest and most useful of the garden plants and they make an attractive container. Let's pot up some herbs.

    Herbs make really good container plants for lots of reasons. One, they are easy. They are almost indestructible, they are good in growing and they just keep going and going. Also, they are attractive. They have nice decorative foliage, they comes in different hues, styles and shapes. And most importantly, you can use them. The majority of them are edible and they are great to have around for recipes or also just for fragrance.

    Herbs are really simple to pot up. All you need is a nice container with some drainage holes in them. Now I am going to fill it in with soil, with about maybe an inch or so remaining at the top. Once you got your pot and soil mixed in, then the fun part starts. You get to add your herbs, and choose those that you like to use when you are cooking or particular fragrance that you like.

    I am going to start out with my favorite, oregano and we'll throw into that some Stevia, because it's nice to have a natural sweetener, put in some tad basil, let's through in some cilantro as well. And because of me I want to put in an edible in the pot as well. I am going to drop in an eggplant right in the center. Now let's plant them.

    Herbs are really simple. What you want to do when you finish potting them up, is give them some water and put them in a nice sunny place. All these herbs are going to want a good deal of sunshine and they are going to produce enough tasty leaves for you, to use while they are cooking and still looks nice in the pot.

    Once you have got them in, now it's time to start topping them off with some more soil. And as always the last step is to add mulch. Once you finish mulching, give them a good drink of water and watch them grow.

    Herbs are attractive, useful, fragrant plants that make great containers. Get out and grow!