How To Prep Pepper Seedlings

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master Gardener William Moss demonstrates how to prepare pepper seedlings for planting.

    William Moss: If you want a bounty of colorful, nutritious peppers this summer, then, it's time to get our plants ready now. And today, we are getting our pepper seedlings ready to go outside.

    These seedlings were sown three to four weeks ago, and some of them now have four leaves that you can see on them; one, two, three, four, even with a few more coming up, that way to be planted, so they can get ready to go outside. So we're going to scoop them up, and I am finally using an old fork as the easiest way to get the roots out without damaging the other plants.

    Now, we are going to transfer them over into the flats. Now, the reason that we take them from the seedling tray into the flats is to give them a little more time to acclimate themselves before they actually go out in to the garden.

    So, we are going to take these, and each day, we are going to sit it outside a little bit longer. Once these guys get up to about 6 to 8 inches, that's when we can take them from this outside tray and actually put them in the ground, and remember, these guys are tender, they are young. So, they may encounter some problems when you first sit them outside.

    You may have some issues with funguses; you may have issues with some insects. So, be sure that you have your favorite organic product on hand to deal with any troubles. With a little effort, your pepper seedlings will be ready to go outside, and in no time at all, you'll have big beautiful peppers growing out in your garden. Get out and grow!