How to Prepare a Ham for Cooking

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Jim Davis demonstrates how to prepare a ham for roasting and how to slice it if you fry it.

    Jim Davis: Hi! Jim Davis here for Harris Teeter. Today, I am going to show you, how to prepare a ham for roasting and also show you how to slice in a case you want to fry the ham slices.

    First of all this is a semi-boneless ham, the main aitchbone has been cut out of the ham, and there is only the small bone remaining. This is the best type to buy at supermarket because you get more use out of it, and a more usable ham. One thing we want to make sure you do, when you open the ham up, it is wrapped in a Cryovac plastic packaging that you want to cut off. But under that you will also often find in better quality hams, a second layer of plastic, make sure you remove that plastic from the ham. You don't want to roast that plastic. We are going to make a series of cuts. Just like this, about an inch-and-a-half apart and then we go about this way, and cut them in the opposite direction and we are going to end up them with a crosshatch, all the way around the ham. And in that crosshatch, what you do is you hold the ham up and you rub brown sugar and mustard. Just mustard and brown sugar, and rub it so that it goes to the all the little cracks that you've have cut.

    That's how you prep a ham for roasting. Now if you want to fry it for slicing, we are going to use a slicing knife. So I want to give my ham up if I want to fry this ham, I want nice even slices. So I am going to take my slicing knife. I am just going to cut nice even slice, sliding back-and-forth, down to the bone, and when we get down to there, we just keep turning it round. And we come to this place where we started. We simply take our paring knife, and got right around the ham, and the bone, just inside there, like that. And lift off our slice of ham; sometimes easier said than done too. And there is our ham slice ready for frying. You can use this ham anywhere that you want, if are going to fry it, I would slice it into smaller pieces like this, and that's how you prep a ham for cooking.