How To Prepare For A Baby

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Valorie Burton for Focus on the Family provides the top tips for preparing for your baby.

    Valorie Burton: Having a baby? Well, once you're done celebrating, you better get to work. Nothing changes a marriage like a child. Most prospective parents dream about holding their little one gazing with adoration into their sparkling eyes. However the road to becoming parents is paved with a lot of preparation, that isn't always so dreamy.

    Your life may seem like a list after list; things to do, things to buy, discussions to have, and that's just the start. One priority is setting up a nursery. It's a task that requires a lot of teamwork. What purchases need to be made, where will everything go, and who is responsible for what?

    First time parents can be surprised by seemingly endless lists of supplies; clothing, blankets, furniture, and items for everyday care. One way to find help is by registering at a baby store, so friends and family can pitch in. You can also look for good second-hand supplies; garage sales and consignment stores can make a big difference in your planning and your budget.

    The task will continue right up to the birth including packing bags for the hospital and stocking your first diaper bag. Getting ready for a baby can feel overwhelming. It has as many details as planning a wedding except with a wedding day you know the exact day.

    With the birth, your little one may decide when it's time to say hello. But, if you stay focused, and team up with your spouse, you will be greeting your newborn with open arms; the most important thing to check off your list!