How to Prepare for a Driving Test

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Driving examiner Steve Williams demonstrates how to prepare oneself and shows how to prepare one’s vehicle for a driving skills test.

    Steve Williams: Hi, I am Steve Williams with the National Driver Training Institute and we are learning how to pass the driving skills test. In this segment I am going to show you how to prepare for your driving skills test. Sherie is going to assist me with the vehicle safety checks. The first thing you need to do to prepare for your test is review your driver handbook. Reviewing the handbook will refresh the rules and regulations of driving in your mind and there is also a section that tells you specifically the maneuvers you will be doing on the test .

    Sherie if you will go ahead get in the vehicle and start it up. When we do the safety check we start by looking at your windshield. We want to make sure you don't have any cracks. They are chips that obstruct the driver's view. Next we are going to walk around the vehicle and make sure there is no rust and there is nothing that is falling apart. We also want to check your tires to make sure that the treads are good, there is no wire showing through . The last thing we look at outside the vehicle are your lights. Sherie hit the brakes. We are looking at all three lights, both of the side lights and this center light in the middle of your back window. If any one of the three brake lights is not working we can't do the test. The next thing we want to check are your turn signals. Show me your left turn signal and your right turn signal. The inspector will look at the turn signals in both the rear and the front of the vehicle. Let's see your right turn signal again and your left turn signal. If any of these lights are not working your car can be disqualified. So make sure ahead of time that all of those light bulbs are functional . Finally a word about cleanliness. Please make sure the inside of your car is clean. I had a tester who stuck his hand in somebody's week old chilly cheese fries when he was buckling a seat belt and that's just not a good way to start your test .

    In our next segment I am going to show you what you can do at the beginning of your test to adjust your seat and your mirrors for optimal comfort, safety and performance .