How to Prepare for Your First Dance at Your Wedding

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, the Wedding Dance Specialists will show you how to make the first dance at your wedding perfect!

    Deborah Joy Block: Hi I am Deborah Joy Block and this is my husband Brian Bock and today we are going to help you prepare for your first dance at your wedding.

    In this series we will introduce techniques for developing your individual composure as a dancer before teaming up with your partner. Then we will cover the grand entrance, several Fox-trot pattern such as the Forward Basic, Quarter Turn and Under Arm Turn. Then we will cover the grand finale and the exit.

    The supplies you are going to need today are your wedding song, your wedding dance shoes, a pair of socks, a long skirt or crinoline and finally you will need a video camera and a tripod. Some safety precautions we recommend are, practicing in your socks first before trying to dance in dance shoes, also keep in mind it's the leader's responsibility to protect the follower on the dance floor from bumping into walls or other people dancing, and finally to avoid getting your toes stepped on carefully observe the techniques we will be presenting in the video.

    We founded at the Wedding Dance Specialist while we were preparing for our own wedding and the company has since grown be the largest and most popular of its kind in the nation. We absolutely love getting couples started off on the right foot, and now it's time for some dancing and romancing.