How to Prepare Root Vegetables

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Lisa Wilson, Certified Health, Nutrition and Wellness Counselor and Fitness Trainer, shares expert techniques for preparing root vegetables.

    Lisa Wilson

    Lisa Wilson is a Certified Health, Nutrition and Wellness Counselor and a Certified Fitness Trainer. She is the founder of Nourished, LLC and Parkfit, Outdoor Fitness for Women. She helps busy families incorporate healthy meals into their life on a regular basis. As the mother of three, Lisa is passionate about proper nourishment for growing children. She works with clients seeking weight loss, sugar reduction, cholesterol control, hormone balance, emotional issues, wellness, prevention, renewed energy and balance and more. Lisa offers individual and group counseling. Individuals are often referred to her practice by area doctors. She also offers a cooking class series in the home or office! The classes cover kitchen basics, intermediate classes and classes on stepping it up to ultimate health! Lisa earned her undergraduate degree from the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota. She received her training as a Health Counselor through a program with Columbia University, at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan. She lives and works in McLean, Virginia.

    Lisa Wilson: Hi I am Lisa Wilson with Nourished I love eating for the season, so today, I am going to show you how to make root vegetables. We are going to make all five of these dishes here. Where should I start? The roasted root vegetables, this is vegetable medley. We have turnips, parsnips, we have carrots, yams, sweet potatoes and we also have a little bit of squash in here. We have cut them in to bite size pieces. We will through more about later. It s a delicious snack to enjoy any time. We also have our lamb stew. This is something that s quick and easy. You can put it in the cloth, probably the night before, just plug it in the morning, come home and have something delicious, filling your whole house with this amazing aroma, when you get home. Then of course the carrot soup, which is always nice to have, it s great as an entre or great as an appetizer. Carrot soup is always ahead in our house, especially and get that. I really love carrot soup, and then of course, the pretty salad and this is all seasonal, every thing on the place of seasonal, you have pears on the bottom, you can use a nice apple on the bottom as well. Of course red stick of beet on top, a little bit of beet tops on top of that, sprinkle with some pumpkin seeds. It s a beautiful salad as you can see and then finally what you with those beet tops, well, of course, you enjoy them, and you eat them because they are delicious. So, we have gone ahead and we have sauted up some beet tops, and how do you spice those up, and really enjoy the whole part of the beet. Equipment you will need today will be a mini food processor, a large food processor, a large mixing owl, a few knives. Of course, the cutting board, a baking sheet with a little bit of parchment paper, and that s about it, besides your root vegetables. So, once you got that organized, you are ready to start. Always when we are working in the kitchen we are concerned about safety, os be careful especially if you are working in the kitchen with children, around the knives and the hot ovens. Before we start all that, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am Lisa Wilson, I m a Certified Health Nutrition and Wellness Counselor. I help busy families in Corporate. Healthy food into their lives on a daily basis. I hope to make it fun and simple and easy. So, join us today having fun in the kitchen, grab a cup of tea, put on the sweater, and let s get started with some root vegetables.