How to Prepare the Cover Board for the Chicken Coop

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Farmer Galen Bontrager demonstrates how to prepare the cover board for the chicken coop.

    Galen Bontrager: Hello! My name is Galen Bontrager and I am the owner and operator of Galen Bontrager Farm located in Wellman, Iowa and the title of this video is how to build a chicken-coop and we are now in the next step of assembling the cover for the top of the back end of the pen. To do that we are going to be setting up; need a four foot two by four and I measure out, I have already measured, already I have a mark here at about 46 inches that's the center of this board. I hold this board up about an inch, over the top and fasten that in place then I do that on both sides.

    My next step is to fasten the hinge to this two by four, I do that on both ends then I have to fasten the hinge to the board that will swing up and down on one end and then the hinge on the other end. Again, remember these screws, some of these hinges come with screws in them already; you can use those if not we go back to our inch and a half screws again. Then I will switch now to the quarter inch drill and three quarter inch screws and I put on my two metal cover pieces. I put on the back end first and then I screw that, actually I put on both pieces at once and then screw then down it all at the same time; six screws is sufficient enough and now we have a free swinging chicken door to collect our eggs out of it. This concludes our step of assembling the cover for the back end and we will move on next to our following step of covering the rest of the pen with chicken wire and metal.