How to Prevent Running Injuries

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Running Form Expert Danny Abshire demonstrates how to run to prevent injuries.

    Danny Abshire: Hello! My name is Danny Abshire. We are here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Its one of the running meccas of the world. I have the privilege of running and training here almost everyday. I am the developer of Newton Running shoes. Its the technology that we have developed over the past 15 years and it mimics barefoot running style.

    The title of this lecture is how to prevent running injuries. And thats going to cover several things. How injuries are affected by running form, how injuries are affected by your foot type, imbalance of your foot type and understanding that. Also of the types of footwear that are most beneficial for your foot type. How flexibility or inflexibility affects your form and injuries? Then at the end of that are training tips we will provide you, that help you stay injury free as well.

    Some of the most common running injuries are Plantar Fasciitis which is effected in the heal area, Achilles Tendinitis, medial knee pain or IT band, iliotibial band syndrome on the lateral portion of the thigh and knee. We also have a lot of different types of muscle strains and sprains, a very common would be high hamstring problem, or a calf problem. And we will talk about how to try to avoid those.

    I have been running for about 35 years, believe it or not. I am a running coach, I have been a running coach for about 15 years, not in the sense of teaching you how or giving a schedule for you, but teaching you how to run better with better form, a Running Form coach, I should say. My lectures always include biomechanics and injury prevention through running form. I have also had a business here in Boulder for the past 20 years, called Active Imprints, where we analyze your feet, put you in the proper footwear for running that suits your needs, as well as, building world class Orthotics for 15 Ironman World Champions, in almost every type of sport, Olympic, Tour de France riders and on and on. So we have had a lot of experience working with feet and with athletes.

    So at this point, lets get started.