How to Properly Place Artwork on a Wall

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Interior decorator Sherry Tyra demonstrates how to properly place artwork on a wall.

    Sherry Tyra: Hi! I am Sherry Tyra. Welcome back to the video on low-cost artwork. Now, we are going to actually hang the artwork on the wall. So, we have our two pieces of paper here that mirror the same size as our artwork; we put tape on the back; we put a little hole where the hook needs to go and all I am going to do is position these on the wall. Now, let us say, we will put one here, we will put one here and you can measure, make sure they are exactly the distance you want from either wall, what have you. The nice thing about this is it is repositionable. If you got it a little too high, a little too low, you just move it and put it where you need it to be. Now, my trusty tool, a level, you can hold it at the top or at the bottom to make sure your artwork is leveled and let us see, that is level right there, but this one is just a hair high, so I am going to move it back down, set it right on top of the level, put it back in place. Here we go; I think we are all set to go.

    Now, these little holes that we've placed where the hooks need to go, all you do, make a little spot here, a little spot here. Put your paper down and there you go. Now, keep in mind, these types of hooks that I am using have a hook and then a nail up higher. This is where I actually wanted my hook; so I am going to put the bottom of the hook even with this little mark. Again, let the hammer do the work. Hold it at the end, not up to the top; there is one, bottom of the hook at the hole at the mark. There is two, alright, so now we just grab our artwork. Here is the second one.

    Aha! Success, perfect, perfectly lined up, perfectly leveled, walla.