How To Prune Trees

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    TCIA expert, Dane Buell, describes what pruning is and the benefits it will have on your trees.

    Dane Buell: Hi my name is Dane Buell with SavATree and I'm here on behalf of the Tree Care Industry Association to discuss tree pruning. Tree pruning is an important activity to maintain the health and structure of your trees and your property and maintain your property's value. Here are some tips on proper tree pruning.

    Well-written tree pruning specifications begin with identifying the objectives of the owner. Example of these objectives could include reducing risk associated with trees, improving the health and appearance of the trees as well as shaping and containing the size of the trees.

    Properly selecting your tools and making sure that they are sharp and the right tool to meet the objective is critical to performing your tree pruning. Safety is a very important consideration. As a tree owner if you're going to begin pruning above your shoulders or your head it probably is a good point to bring in a professional to look at the project.

    There are two primary pruning cuts. One is thinning cut and that cut reduces the mass of that tree part. The other is the reduction cut. This reduces its length properly. When looking for tree care provider I would recommend going to the tree care industry association and then finding on the accredited member in your area.

    Pruning your trees will not only improve their appearance, but it will also improve the safety and the value of your home.

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