How to Put in Hair Extensions

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video series will show how to put in hair extensions.

    Naila Aldridge: Hello my name is Naila Aldridge and we are here today at Jon'Ric International Salon and Spa at Alexandria, Virginia. My partner and I are going to show you, how to put in the Malaysian hair extension, often known as the Salon Weave. First we are going to show you, how to press it in the weave by dividing the hair. Then we are going to show, how to properly attach the hair. We are going to show how to do both styles in ethnic hair and Caucasian hair. And to this you are going to need several tools. First you want to start with riding synthetic hair, which you are going to need, if the hair is too short. You are going to need your sewing needle to sew the hair and you need sewing thread to attach the hair. You're also going to need a pair of scissors to cut the thread. You can get all of these products at any of your beauty suppliers store near you. The only safety concern that you should be cautious of is to not poke your client in the towel. If the needle is too sharp and you should be very careful not to braid hair too tight, because that can cause scalp irritations.

    My colleague and I have both been doing this hair extension technique for over ten years. So we have seen it all and done it all. So now let's get started. So here we are with the technique for the Malaysian Hair Extension.