How to Reassemble a Room After Painting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mark Osbourne founder of Manor Works Painting discusses how to reassemble a room after painting.

    Mark Osborne

    Mark Osborne is the owner and original founder of Manor Works Painting. After working his way through college running the painting operations of student-based companies, Mark went on to get an MBA in Entrepreneurship. While in school, Mark saw an unmet need by many homeowners. No company was offering year-round painting services in a consistent and professional manner. The idea behind Manor Works was born. In 1998, Mark started Manor Works on the principle of providing homeowners with consistent levels of quality on a year round basis. Over the last 10 years Mark has worked to build Manor Works into a full-service painting company servicing metropolitan Washington D.C. Mark intends to grow the company geographically and recently began an expansion into the North Carolina market. Mark continues to be interested in concepts he studied in school and is exploring the possibility of franchising and licensing.

    Hi! I am Mark Osbourne, the founder of Manor Works Painting and today we are talking about how to paint an interior bedroom. Now that the trim is done, we are ready to put the room back together and see how it looks.

    Couple of tips to keep in mind; first pay special attention and care when moving heavy furniture as to not strain yourself and to put the furniture back in the same location. Unfortunately, we probably not going to be able hang pictures and mirrors on the wall until sufficient amount of time has occurred or lapsed, so that we dont get any paint on those items.

    Paint generally dries to the touch in about an hour to three hours, depending on temperature and humidity and once that is sufficiently dry, we can put those areas back on. There are a few exceptions to that rule, which I want to about. Number one is; if you are going to putting something on something that has been freshly painted. For example, a bookcase or mantle, you want to wait as long as possible to give the paint time to sufficiently cure. While paint dries to the touch in approximately in an hour, for it to actually cure, meaning completely dry throughout all layers of the paint, it actually takes 30 days. So, if you have painted a mantle or bookcase, try to wait for 30 days before putting in heavy objects on those areas.

    The other situation is if you are painting with the product other than latex or an acrylic based product, things like oils, varnishes, shellacs etc are going to take even longer to dry than what we have been using in this application.