How To Rejuvenate Your Job Search

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    President and CEO of Brian Alden gives his top tips for rejuvenating your job search.

    Brian Alden: If you are like most job seekers out there, you are probably started your search with enthusiasm and I can do attitude, but as the weeks fly by you start to feel like you are running in place.

    But don't get discouraged. According to the US Department of Labor, the average American searches for 39 weeks before finding a new job. Here are some tips to help rejuvenate your job search.

    First, update your resume. Sure you updated it at the start of your search, but it's probably time to have someone else look it over and see what can be improved. Ask a friend for advice. A second said advice often can help you add those little things to make it stand out from others applying for the same job as you are.

    Next, look to your social networks to support your job search. Use those connections to figure out who you know and where. The more people who know you are looking, the better chance you have to hear about those coveted openings that seem to fill up as quickly as they are posting.

    Now look to your search itself. Check the terms you are using and try switching up how you search for jobs. By narrowing your search field, you could be missing out on opportunities just outside your results.

    For instance, if you have been searching for customer service in Miami, try searching for related terms such client care or membership representative. You might find a hidden jam in your expanded results.

    And finally, help yourself out by signing up to receive job alerts by email or text. This way you will hear about opportunities as they are posted giving you an edge on the competition.

    Remember, that searching for a job requires endurance. A couple of spirited days of sending out your resume definitely won't cut it. You will to dedicate time each week to work on your search.

    If you are diligent, it's only a matter of time before you find the perfect opportunity for you.