How To Remotely Manage A Smart Home

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Hubbard from the Consumer Electronics Association describes how to access and managae your smart home remotely whether at home or away.

    Laura Hubbard: We live busy connected lives. Today's smart home technology simplifies life by providing unprecedented access and control of your home no matter your location. A smart home is a home that connects all the electronic devices and automated systems in the home to create one controllable network that provides you greater convenience, security, entertainment and energy savings. Automated lighting systems, window treatments, multi-room audio and video, security systems, HVAC and even smartphones and computers can all be integrated into one network allowing home owners to control one or many of these features at any time.

    When a home network is designed properly, smart home technology can make it easier for you to control, connect and complete tasks. Are you coming home after dark? Turn on the outside lights with your smartphone to help you in. Then turn them off via network tablet from the comfort of your bed.

    Away for a week? Monitor your home with your smartphone or computer to check the home security cameras. Turn up the AC or heat to adjust the temperature for the family before they arrive home, whether in the home or away on vacation, a smart home enables home owner to access, manage and control the smart home via mobile device, tablet, touchscreen or smartphone.

    Whether to save to save energy cost or simply check in, smart homes give home owners unprecedented access anytime, anywhere. Find a custom system integrator near you to learn more about managing your smart home.