How to Remove a Dishwasher

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Handy-man Hans Vatter demonstrates how to remove the dishwasher.

    Hans Vatter: Hi, I am Hans Vatter and today we are going to remove the dishwasher. One thing to consider before we go to removing the dishwasher is that the adjustable feet located at the bottom of the dishwasher may have to be lowered to be able to get the dishwasher below the countertop and see whether you can remove it. You can lower these adjustable feet by using a pair of pliers. Sometimes they have, at the top of the screw they have a screwdriver slot where you could take in a small screwdriver and get in there and twist it counterclockwise. Sometimes it will have a little neck where you can put this tiny socket on top of it and use it like a quarter inch ratchet. Whichever way you could use if you have to lower your feet and that's how you do it.

    Alright, to get to the tabs, we are going to open up the dishwasher door and the tabs are located on top of the dishwasher or the cabinet but they are attached to the dishwasher. Sometimes there are screws that hold these tabs to the dishwasher to keep it, tip it forward. You will have to check and if you have screws you will have to use a Phillips or a regular screwdriver to get it out to remove the screws. In this case, we don't have an extra so what we are going to do is we are going to bend the tabs down. You can reach your finger out there if you can and we will have to get a regular screwdriver. Let's go and we are going to reach up in there and we are going to pull the tabs down and we want the tabs so they won't interfere with the countertop when we go to pull the dishwasher out.

    We have covered taking the feet down, the adjustable feet down here and we are ready for removing the dishwasher. What we are going to do is we want to make sure that the door is locked shut and we are going to end up tipping the dishwasher forward at the same time trying to get it lifted up as we pull it out. Let's give it a try. See how the dishwasher pulls forward and clears the countertop, at the same time, you want to ease it out a little bit at a time. Well, if this insulation hangs up here little bit you just have to tip it backwards and now this is coming out we are going to be having to deal with the drain line that we disconnected earlier under the sink and that is more or less involve this fishing the, reaching up in there and grab and hold the dishwasher drain and making sure that it gets out as the dishwasher comes out, alright.

    Now our dishwasher will come all the way out. As you reach it out, pickup your drain hose. Make sure that you don't spill all your water as you are doing so. You tuck it underneath there and we are ready to carry the dishwasher off. Coming up next we will be inspecting the wiring and the plumbing underneath the dishwasher cabinet.