How to Remove an Old Toilet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Plumbing expert Willie Washington demonstrates removing a toilet.
    Willie Washington: Hi, my name is Willie Washington. I am with Leedway Plumbing Company here in Madera, California and today's topic is how to replace the toilet. What I am about to do now is remove the old toilet. Let's get started by taking off the toilet tank. As you see here we have got the tank lid here and we are taking that off.What I will do next is I flush the toilet which that drains out any excess water that's inside the tank and what I do is take my plunger and I plunge out the water that's in the bowl. That way when you remove the actual bowl you will not get water all over the floor. So it's necessary to keep a towel on the floor too. We will start by using my channel locks here and just undoing the caps here which sets one cap here and you can also use a channel locks to unscrew the bolts. That's one side there and you do the same for both sides.So now we got the bolts undid from the toilet here and we are about to take a utility knife here and just go around the bottom of the bowl if it has cocking. Now if you don't have the cocking you don't need this utility knife because it should come right up. Sometimes it takes a little longer to get this thing unravel because of the seal which is really sealed good, but it should come right up once you use your utility knife. So you see there the bowl has started to come up. So now we will put the bowl on top of the floor; lift up on it, set aside.Now the toilet is removed.