How to Remove the Bandage from Your Tattoo

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tattoo artist Chad Koeplinger demonstrates how to remove the bandage from a tattoo.

    Chad Koeplinger: Hi, my name is Chad Koeplinger. I am from Tattoo Paradise in Washington D.

    C. Today, we are making a video on tattoo and piercing after care. Right now, I am going to go over with this gentleman what you need to do once the bandage comes off.

    Anyway, so generally speaking, I recommend for people to leave their bandages until the morning of the day after they get tattoo. Sometimes, I say 24 hours, but usually in the morning is about long enough. When you take your bandage off, just go and take it off. Sometimes it comes off gently; sometimes you got to kind of peel that tape, you never know. Discard the bandage in the garbage can. I am going to use the same because we are here in the tattoo shop. I am going to use the same soap that I used to clean off the initial tattoo.

    When you are cleaning off your tattoo, what you are going to want to use is the soap that you use everyday. I wouldn t go and buy any kind of antibacterial soap or anything that s different than what you normally use because your body is used to it. You don t want your body to be introduced to something that it s not used to. It s kind of an important time for your body to be comfortable. Anyway, so we are going to clean this guy off real good. What you want to do is when you clean it, when you wash it generally you are going to probably be in the shower. You are going to wash it with nice, hot water, use your soap, use your fingers and you will lather that sucker up, hit it with the water, make sure any kind of dried fluid or whatever anything that s still kind of shiny on there is off. Sometimes, you might need to wash it again with your hand, nice, hot water on it and then get out of the shower.

    When you get out of the shower, you are going to want a blot it dry maybe have some paper towels and you blot it dry. Let it dry a little bit. Then, we are going to go on to what to do after you have done blotting the tattoo.