How to Remove the Water Line & Drain on a Dishwasher

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Handy-man Hans Vatter demonstrates how to remove and drain the water line.

    Hans Vatter: Hi, I am Hans Vatter and we are replacing the dishwasher. In this clip, we are going to be removing the water line and the drain and when we go to disconnect the water we are going to go underneath the kitchen sink and usually, underneath the sink you will find a separate valve just going to the dishwasher and it's on the hot water line. Alright, we are going to disconnect the water. First we have to shut off the valve or this water stop and this one is a multi-turn. We shut this valve, it turns to the right and it turns the water off.

    While we are working underneath the sink and I am shutting the water off, while we are under here we are going to go ahead and disconnect the drain line from the old dishwasher. The dish well, it is connected to the disposal in this case and you can see that by the corrugated hose and it hooks right on to the dishwasher. All you have to do is remove your worm gear clamp and we will use a nut driver and we will loosen up the clamp and slide the hose off.

    Okay, now when we get ready to remove the dishwasher this hose will push through the whole at the top of the counter, at the top of the cabinet and it will come out with the dishwasher. We don't have to disconnect it from the dishwasher, only from the disposal. Now we will go on to remove the water line. Now on removing the water line from the solenoid valve on the dishwasher, you are going to look underneath the access panel and you are going to locate the copper line and it hooks right to a solenoid valve or usually, it's a compression fitting and we are going to take a -- you can either use a 5/8 inch box an open end box wrench or a six inch crescent wrench, whichever you prefer. We are going to loosen the nut by going counterclockwise.

    Alright, once you loosen it up, you should be able to take your hand and it should be this finger tight. Loosen it all the way up, remove the copper and you should not have any water coming out of the pipe. If you do, we will have to go back to under the sink and we will check the shut off valve to make sure it's completely tight. If you have water coming out of here you will have to stop and repair the shutoff valve.

    Next, we are going to be doing an inspection underneath the dishwasher and we are going to be installing the water line.