How to Remove the Zombie Makeup & Prosthetics

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Christopher Patrick demonstrates how to remove the zombie makeup & prosthetics.

    Christopher Patrick: Hi! I am Christopher Patrick, Special Effects Make-up artist and we are here at the Tom Savini School, a Douglas Education Center and we are just finishing up our zombie make-up. He has had a hard night of going out and eating brains and now it's time to turn it back into a regular human being.

    So, since we have used all sorts of adhesives on him, we want to use a really good cleaner, and one of my favorite is detachol, but you can also use isopropyl myristate, which is available at most theatrical make-up stores and any place you can get latex is going to have a remover. So, we are just going to take a little bit of detachol and Q-tips and we are going to go underneath the prosthetics and slowly remove them from Nick's face. And pretty much of this stuff will dissolve the adhesive real fast. Even though we are using an adhesive remover, there will probably be a little bit of residue left behind by the prosthetic adhesive and he might wake up tomorrow morning with some lint glue to his face and then he can go ahead and take the prosthetic remover again and go over it to remove any leftover glue.

    Also having baby wipes available, it's a great way to get off any excess makeup. With the hairs, since we put hair white and some blood in it, it will wash right out, he just has to take a shower and shampoo and it will come right off, no problems.