How to Remove your Old Garbage Disposer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Handy man Joe Wise demonstrates how to remove a garbage disposer.

    Joe Wise: Hi, I am Joe Wise, owner of Built Wise Construction in Orlando, Florida and today we are going to go over how to install a garbage disposer. I am going to turn the power off to the garbage disposer so we don't shock ourself now and we are going to do that by going to the breaker box, finding the appropriate breaker and flipping it off. So we came into the garage in this home and found the breaker box. Now the breaker box are going to be located in different places throughout your house. Some of the older houses even have them inside the cabinets, inside the kitchen, it was the favorite place to put them. Now once you have found your breaker box, you want to look down the load center chart and see if you can find a listing for the breaker for your disposal. This one has number 22 and you can see number 22, we are going to come down to this number right here. It has an off and on switch and it is on right now. Now there are several ways to tell whether you are actually this breaker goes to that circuit or not. The easiest way is just to turn the disposer on and we are going to have Marsha to do that in the other room. Marsha you want to turn that off for us?

    You can hear the disposer running so I am going to flip breaker 22 off and as you can hear, the disposer goes off and that's one way you can tell. The other way you can tell is with a Voltmeter, if you know how to use one, but that's the simplest in fact. So we are going to leave that off and we are going to go back in the other room and start disconnecting this disposer. 1