How to Ride the Olympic BMX Track

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    BMX expert C J Bunch discusses how to ride the Olympic BMX track.

    C J Bunch: Hi, I am C J Bunch this is how to race BMX. I am going to make my way up to the top of the hill and show how it's done. The starting gate, a good key to a good start is to make sure you throw your hips and keep your pedals leveled when you come out of the gate. When you are in the gate make sure you keep your eye on the light, consistent gate can make a difference of whether you win the race or you don't . When you are riding into a turn always make sure that your pedals are either leveled or your inside pedal is up when you are going to the corner, that way you don't catch the pedal. When you are about half way to the corner you should start looking up into the next straight away and start pedal immediately.

    The most important part of jumping is making sure you have the speed and the pull up to get over the jump, jumps are one of the most important things about riding a BMX track, because you need to make decision of what you are going to do over the jump, whether you are going to manual, whether you are going to jump or whether you are just going to roll through the jump.

    The finish line is your last chance, last chance to make it into that main, last chance to win the race. Make sure you pedal all the way across the line and whatever you do, don't sit down. That's it, we are riding the track.

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