How To Rig A Pinfish For Saltwater Fishing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Natalie Leeke of B’ASS Fisher Women demonstrates the most common and easiest way to rig a pinfish for saltwater fishing.

    Natalie Leeke: Hi, I am Natalie Leeke, professional angler and outdoor blogger. Today I am going to talk about pinfish, how to rig them for inshore saltwater fishing.

    Pinfish are great bait fish, because of their common appeal to a wide variety of species including Tarpons, Redfish, Snook and Seatrout, plus they are easy to catch and easy to keep alive.

    When handling a pinfish do be careful, they have a very sharp dorsal fin which is why they are named pinfish, and they can give you a good prick if you are not careful.

    You want to hold the fish firmly, but not squeeze it too hard, so that it stays lively and will attract more fish.

    When you are ready to rig the fish, push the tip of the hook through the chin and out through the nostril. This gives a very natural presentation, so that the fish can swim and be lively and attract bigger fish.

    So that's one great way to rig a pinfish for inshore saltwater fishing.