How To Rig A Shrimp For Saltwater Fishing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Debbie Hanson of B’ASS Fisher Women, demonstrates the most common and easiest way to rig a shrimp for saltwater fishing.

    Debbie Hanson: Hi, I am Debbie Hanson, professional angler and outdoor blogger. Today I am going to discuss how to rig a shrimp for inshore saltwater fishing.

    Shrimp are the preferred meal of choice for many inshore game species such as Seatrout, Tarpon, Redfish and Snook.

    Most of the time what you want to do is float the shrimp in the current to take advantage of it's natural kicking motion and when you are rigging it, make sure that you rig it through the V in the upper portion of it's shell or it's exoskeleton, taking care to avoid the dark spots which are the internal organs.

    So that's how you rig a shrimp for inshore saltwater fishing.