How To Rig a Slip Bobber

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tom Keer with Take Me Fishing discusses the correct way to make a basic bobber rig.

    Tom Keiter: Hi! I am Tom Keiter with Take Me Fishing. Today we are going to talk about basic fishing rigs. A fishing rig is anything that connects to your line that helps you catch fish. It could be a hook, could be a sinker, it could be a bobber. Let's talk about a basic bobber rig. Many anglers catch their first fish on the bobber rig from shore, it's a very simple rig and a bouncing bobber means the first is eating your bait. For demonstration purposes I am going to use this brightly colored line. To make a slip bobber rig, remove the slide from the bobber from the tag end of your line through the plastic tube, to a length of a suitable for your water's depth.

    A chart or a map will give you an idea of the water type and the time of year will tell you how deep the fish are. Then slide the stop back into the plastic tube and you are good to go.

    Attach your preferred hook to the fishing line using an improved clinch or cinch knot, to get your bait deep, you will want to add a split shot sinker about two to three inches above your hook. In strong currents, you can always add a few additional split shots. If you change the locations, you can always remove the stopper, slide your bobber to the correct position and then replace the stopper. Lastly, add your bait and you are ready to go fishing.