How to Saute Oysters

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cooking instructor Marie Guaragna-Beirne demonstrates how to saute oysters.

    Marie Guaragna: Hi! I am Marie Guaragna with MGB Special Events in Arlington, Virginia and we're working on the first step of our on tray for our filet mignon. We are going to stuff it with some wonderful oysters and this is what we are going to need. We are going to need some nice, cleaned fresh select oysters, some olive oil, some salt and pepper, a little shallot, minced garlic, some parsley, some cooking sherry and the tools that we will need are frying pan, a spatula, I like to use it, so it doesn't bruise the oysters and basically that's all we need.

    So, let's get started on our salted oysters. We have to rinse off our oysters and whenever I am using a can, just a little thoughtful and I always wash off the tops of my cans. For this particular one, basically whereas pulling the tab be careful because that juice wants to come out right away and I am just going to dump this in right into a colander and you are going to able to see how beautiful these oysters are. They are huge, so wonderful. So, we are going to rinse this with cool water just to get off any unnecessary flavors or things that might be in there and then we are going to pat them dry on a little paper towel just for a minute. Most of the grocery stores they all have these oysters available, most basically it.

    First we are going to put the olive oil in. Get on medium high. Don't need a whole lot. We are going to go ahead and saut our garlic, just a couple of cloves and our shallots. Just so, it is iridescent, don't want to burn it; don't want it to become bitter, doesn't take very long at all. Once that's start turning yellow, which is going to be very quickly, kind of we go ahead and cook off a little bit of our cooking sherry. You could also white wine for this; either one both taste great. Alright, I am going to go ahead and pour just a little bit, couple of tablespoons, maybe not a lot and get that going. Here's that pop and that garlic is ready to go.

    Now, this dish, you could use these oysters, they have a lot of different purposes, but today we are going to stuffing them in the filet; but if you wanted to put dish over pasta or it could just be a wonderful base, you could even start an oyster soup with this, with this process. There are so many different things that you can do in all the flavors when they are married together, it's really nice. So, that is where we want them to be. You just cook that one up just a couple more seconds. Now, these oysters that I have got today, they are called selector or larger oyster. You can get them smaller, but the select means of course there is a pick of a crop. So, any safe way or your local fish store or you can pretty much get them anytime. So, I am going to go ahead and very gently pop these guys in, you don't want to bruise them or rip them up.

    Oh yeah, alright , now, of course, these are already going to cook inside the filet, so we don't have to cook them too long, but we want to get them to where they are not real mushy. We want them hard enough just a little bit and then at the last minute before we pull them out we go ahead and throw some parsley in there. You could use chives in here if you want for color too it, but we have already got the shallots. So, I think the parsley in here will be just fine and you could see them, actually they are starting to get little smaller now, but they are cooking up. Just toss them around. Make sure everybody gets that heat and here we go. It smell so good.

    Now, if you are going to make a soup with this, you could add cream or milk or whatever you have got in your pantry and it's just such a nice flavor. Serve it with some nice rustic bread. See how they are changing. You could see here; I don't know what that part is, but it tells you that it's getting cooked. Doesn't really take long like I said and of course people eat raw oysters all the time. I used to eat, but not anymore. I'd rather have them this way. Throw in some parsley just to taste and then we can get started on our next step, which will be making a little pocket in the filet and then we are going to stuff these guys in, get as many as we can and the next step would be on, do our filet.