How to Save Money

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Financial planning professional and member of the Financial Planning Association®, Tracey Baker, CFP® describes the four important steps to saving money.

    Tracey Baker: Hi! my name is Tracey Baker, and I'm a member of the Financial Planning Association. Today, I am going to talk about saving money. From trimming your spending, to making hard decisions I'll walk you through the process and discuss each step in detail. First I'll discuss ways to cut out avoidable expenses. Eliminating services you don't need is an easy way to save money. Next, I'll discuss steps to reduce variable spending. A few simple tips can help reduce your spending. Then I'll discuss how to low a fixed cost. By planning ahead, you can reduce your fixed cost. Finally, I'll talk about making those hard decisions. These steps may be hard to carry out, but they are fairly simple ways you can restrict your spending. Our goal is to give you tips to free up more of your hard earned money. By doing this, you can learn to live within your means, get out of debts and save for the future.

    Before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about the Financial Planning Association. The Financial Planning Association connects those who provide support and benefit form financial planning. We provide a variety of educational resources, tools and services, to help you to discover the value of financial planning and help you achieve your life goals and dreams. Our destiny is to help create a world where everyone thrives and prospers. So lets get started with some tips to help save you some money.