How To Save Seeds From Your Garden

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master Gardener William Moss demonstrates how to save seeds from your favorite garden plants.

    William Moss: Winter is a good time to save seeds. Before you clear out your garden and get it ready for spring, think about all the plants dead from the previous season bloom beautifully or tasting great.

    Saving seeds is a good way to get more of them inexpensively. The easiest ones are the annuals, simply pick them off and put them inside of a bag. Now when it comes to your perennial seeds, you want to store them in a more wet mixture.

    So I have got them inside this baggy and I am going to add a little soil to the bag and that's what you have to do with the wet seeds too, but you got to take a little step first with them. You take them on a paper towel and you roll them out flat. So these are the middle seeds here that you want to save, you don't want to save all the pulp.

    If you want to sow right away, use a whole different strategy. Pick off the seed heads; just sprinkle the seeds into the seed tray. It will go through winter and it will have all of the moisture it needs.

    The final way that you can save seeds is to actually plant them in the garden now. What I am going to do is I am going to sow them directly into this bed.

    Whether you are going to save dry seeds like deciduous in a drawer or a closet or save perennial seeds inside the crisper or the garage, saving your seeds from your garden is a good way to get more of your favorite plants and do it cheap. Get out and grow!