How To Section A Grapefruit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis from Harris Teeter demonstrates how to section a grapefruit.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I'm Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I'm going to show you now how to section a grapefruit. This is the best way for presentation of a grapefruit, if you're going to use a fruit salad or something like that.

    First of all, we cut the peel off, remembering that we're cutting off the white bitter part of the peel. That's the rind that we want to get rid off, because it is so bitter. The sharper your knife, the easier the job is. We touch that up and take it off a little bit.

    Then we see this section divided by the little membrane, we will cut just on the inside of that section, and then we're going to cut just on the inside of the other opposing membrane and look at that.

    That is how you section a grapefruit.