How to Select a Bowling Ball

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Randy Peterson here for Storm Bowling Products shows you how to select a bowling ball.

    Randy Peterson: Hi! Randy Peterson here for Storm Bowling Products and today we're going to talk about how to select the right ball for you.

    Today, we're going to be determining what type of bowler you are. Are you a beginning bowler, are you a league bowler, or how about a tournament bowler? Next, we'll be talking about choosing a ball for a beginning bowler. Some of the key points will be the grip, ball weight, the price point, whether you're getting into a plastic ball, a reactive resin ball; do you throw it straight, do you hook it?

    Next, we're going to be talking about choosing a ball for a league bowler. Some of the key points will involve what type of grip you're using, is it of semi-fingertip grip or is it a full-fingertip grip. We'll even talk about lane conditions. How about average? What type of average are you caring? We'll even talk about price point, different bowling balls, plastic, reactive resin, solid or pearl. What type of ball reaction are you looking for? We'll even talk about differences in coverstock.

    Next, we'll be talking about choosing a ball for a tournament bowler. We're going to talk about the differences in weight block design, low RG versus high RG, asymmetrical cores versus symmetrical cores. We'll talk about the basics on layouts, even pin placements, lots and lots of great information.

    Hey! Now that you've chosen the proper bowling ball for you, let's talk about the accessories that will help make this whole experience that much more fun and help you throw more strikes with that brand-new ball, things like bowling tape, rosin, a towel, cleaner. All of these things are going to help prolong the life of that brand-new ball and help make bowling that much more fun for you.

    Once again, I'm Randy Peterson, a 13-time winner on the Professional Bowlers Tour, and recently voted the 35th greatest player of all time. I'm in my ninth year of doing television for our sport and I've been working for Storm Products for quite some time now. Storm has been the number one ball on tour sport for many years. But they make a wide variety of bowling balls, not just for the professionals but also for beginning bowlers.

    So hey! Let's get started.