How to Select a Gas Leaf Blower

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn how to select a gas leaf blower from our expert.

    Dan Rosenberger: Hello! I'm Dan Rosenberger, manufacturers' representative with ECHO Incorporated. Today we're going to talk about, how to select your gas blower? We're going to talk about battery and electric blowers versus gas blowers and the pros and cons of each. And next we'll talk about picking the right blower for the right application. Do you have a light, medium or heavy duty job depends on what kind of gas blower you're going to buy. And then I'll talk about the advantages of using the gas blower, lightweight, agile, very maneuverable. Then I'll talk about selecting a backpack gas leaf blower. Depending on if you have a light duty, medium duty or heavy duty job, depends on what kind of backpack you purchase. Next we'll be talking about what size blower to buy to finish your job correctly. Does it have enough CFM and air speed to get the job done, the first time? We'll talk more about CFM and Miles per hour later. So with all outdoor power equipment, you want to make sure and reference your owner's manual first before operation. And now let me tell you a little bit about ECHO Incorporated. We've been in the outdoor power equipment business for over 30 years. Designing product for the desert homeowner all the way up to the professional landscaper. Now that you know a little bit about ECHO Incorporated, let's get started. Let's talk about the difference between electric and battery powered blowers versus your hand-held gas blower.