How to Select a Lighting Dimmer Switch

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Maintenance Expert Steve McCurdy discusses how to select a lighting dimmer switch.

    Steve McCurdy: Hi, my name is Steve McCurdy and I'm the Director of Residential Technologies for Leviton Manufacturing. You know, lighting has come a long way in a home and the way we control lighting has as well. Today I'm going to speak to you about how to select the dimmer. Now we're going to discuss several topics, one is the style of the dimmer, that you want to use in your home, the various types of dimmer switches that are available, selecting the digital or electromechanical dimmers. We're going to discuss the type of lighting you wish to dim, the wattage concerns, you might have with dimming. 3-way or a multi location control and energy savings with the use of dimmers. Before we beginning, we need to really speak about electrical safety, it's one of the most important things. If you're not comfortable with these type of installations, please take the services of a qualified electrician. I'll only tell you a little bit about myself, I've 30 years experience in Home Technologies in Lighting and Electricity and Leviton is a company, is over a 100 years old providing these type of products and solutions to the industry. So let's start selecting a dimmer.