How To Select A Mosquito Control Professional

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Paul Bello of PJB Pest Management Consulting discusses how to select a pest professional to control mosquitoes around your home.

    Paul Bello: Mosquitoes are a problematic pest and a serious health threat that cause people to retreat to the indoors. Many think we are loosing the battle of backyard, but we dont have to. We can call a Pest Pro to help us reclaim our backyard, but how do pick the right pest professional for you?

    Hi! I am Consulting Entomologist Paul Bello, and today I am sharing tips on selecting the best Pest Pro for you. Choosing a mosquito professional is an important decision. These folks are going to come to your house, inspect your yard, analyze your needs, provide recommendations and also apply pesticides. They should work carefully, be well trained, use good equipment, use efficacious products and techniques and know what they are doing and be good at doing it. But how do you know if you are selecting the best professional for you. Well, its good to do your homework and ask questions. Are they properly licensed and insured? Are they members of the Professional Trade Association such as they are from State or National Pest Management Association. Do they have significant mosquito control experience and can they provide you with references from other satisfied customers. Remember, that you will be initiating a former business relationship with these people; this relationship is rules by the service agreement or contract between you and the pest professional. Be sure you read it and ask questions so that you know whats going to done and what you are getting. You will want to consider what is actually going to be done at your home to control mosquitoes, does the programs plan make sense to you, do they provide recommendations and are they properly explained to you? Are you questions been answered to your satisfaction, what results can you expect from this work, is there a guarantee or warrantee? Before you move forward with any pest professional, be sure to check their rating with Department of Business Bureau, Department of Consumer Affairs and always get estimates from more than one company, even better, if you get a referral from a trusted friend.

    Here in the United States pest professionals are licensed through your State Department of Agriculture which has regulatory requirements under which they must operate. You can check with the departments website to learn about such requirements.

    By following these tips you will make the best decision on selecting the right pest professional for you and your mosquito control program.

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