How to Select an Artificial Christmas Tree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bill Quinn with Christmastreeforme discusses how to select the perfect artificial Christmas tree for your home.

    Bill Quinn: Hi!

    . My name is Bill Quinn with Christmastreeforme. Today we are going to talk about how to select a perfect artificial Christmas tree for your home. In this video series, we are going to be covering determining the height and width of your Christmas tree, choosing an artificial or fresh Christmas tree, choosing the correct mini light for your Christmas tree. Selecting between a realistic and traditional Christmas tree. Then we are going to talk about how to set up for an artificial Christmas tree, how to take down an artificial Christmas tree and how to fix lights that have burnt out on an artificial Christmas tree. The tools and the materials we are going to need are a pair of gloves, a long sleeved shirt, glasses to protect your eyes, a pair of scissors and a Christmas mini-light tester.

    So let's talk little bit about safety of putting up a Christmas tree. It is very important and understand the Christmas tree is made of steel and plastic. The steel could possibly have little barbs or sharp edges, that is why we are going to wear the gloves and we want wear the long sleeved shirt. Second is the plastic needles are very thin, very similar to paper and if you ever had a paper cut how irritating that can be. So imagine putting your hands in the something like this, it has got a lot of little pieces of paper and so you can really end up cutting your hands and your arms. It is not going to hurt you per se but it is definitely irritating. So if you just think about those pieces and then obviously making sure that you put the stand in properly, making sure that you put the tree up properly so it doesn't tip over. So little bit about Christmastreeforme. Christmas tree for me `is Christmastreeforme.

    com. Basically the company started in 2004 and it started as an experiment to understand Christmas trees. It became so much fun that we have been doing it for the last four seasons. Every year we go to five to ten different shows to select the trees, that we feel will make the most impact in our customer's Christmas traditions and we help customers achieve home, holiday and family tradition.

    Let's get started. Let's select the perfect Artificial Christmas tree .