How to Select Ski Accesories – Poles and Storage Bags

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ryan Sasse with Ski Chalet discusses how to purchase new ski equipment including how to select ski accessories such as poles and storage bags.

    Hi! I am Ryan Sasse. I am here at Ski Chalet in Arlington, Virginia and we are continuing with accessories that you would need for your ski trip. Going through getting you all set with a complete new set of equipment. Right now, we are going to look at poles. Very simple process. There are definitely some differences between different types of poles. But it's not the most serious thing you need to pay attention to. You can certainly get into an inexpensive light weight aluminum pole. Something very similar to this which is very good for anybody who is a novice to advance skier. Again very basic, anywhere from $19 to $30. Light weight, easy swing weight, nice handle, very simple to deal with. From there you can get into a composite pole which is going to have a little bit of give to it. So has a little bit of flex. So certainly, if you put a lot of pressure on it, it will give rather than actually snapping like an aluminum pole possibly could. From there you can even get into a higher level lighter weight composite that is going to work extremely well. And something that has a slightly nicer handle to it. Even something like this from Lee Keep which is actually going to have a trigger which you are going to release the grip from, easier when you are getting on and off the lift, that way you don't have to take off the whole pole like you will with a normal strap. Okay.

    Beyond that, the only thing you really want to focus on is to sizing the pole. It is pretty simple. All you want to do is grab directly underneath of the basket. Set the pole on to the ground. What you are looking for is the solid 90 degree angle because when you measure it like that, the tip here is going to be in the snow. So you want to put that underneath of your hand. Now we have done poles. We are going to move on to bags and storage. That way we can get you completely setup for the off season as well. Essentially, when you get your new equipment, you certainly want to get a bag, especially if you are traveling at all. If you don't have a bag, you can certainly run the risk of damaging your brand new equipment which you spent a little bit of money on, you certainly don't want that to happen especially if you are going to be flying on an airplane. In order to do that, what you can do is get into a bag for your skis, that is pretty well padded. Something very similar to this. Okay. It has got lot of padding to it, has a little bit of space, you can certainly put your skis in there, your poles, even some extra clothing is necessary. You can use that for traveling on the plane or just storage in the off season as well. You can also use a boot bag like this. Essentially, it is going to open. You have got plenty of space to put your boots in. Even got a little pocket upfront for goggles, gloves, any minor accessories that you need to carry as well. You can use this to carry on the plane or again just storage in the off season. Lastly, when you do come off the slopes, you certainly want to make sure that you wipe down your skis, keep the edges dry. Even if you get a chance before the end of the season, if you are not going anymore, bring them into your local shop, have them put a coat wax on there. It covers the whole ski. It is known as a summer wax. You can leave that on throughout the summer. That way you don't have any chance of really doing any damage to the base or the edges of the ski. You are not going to run into any rust and then when you are ready to go in the next following season, just bring it back to the service shop, have them scraped and you will be all set to go. When you do store your skis, make sure you keep them in a nice cool dry place. You don't want to keep them in the extremes. You want to make sure that you do it either under your bed or in a closet. Stay away from the attic or in the garage as well. That way everything will be set. You will be ready for the season and you don't have to worry about any problems when you get ready to go. So that is pretty much it. Those were some of the basics that you need to know about buying your new ski package and again certainly go and approach your sales professional. They will certainly be more than willing to help you out. Now that you have listened to me. Thanks again for watching and now you are all set to go. Have a great trip. If you need anything, don't hesitate to give us a call.