How to Select & Use Fireworks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bill Weimer with Phantom Fireworks talks about safe and proper use of consumer fireworks.

    Bill Weimer: Hi, I am Bill Weimer with Phantom Fireworks and today we are talking about the safe and proper use of consumer fireworks. We are going to talk about selecting and shooting different categories of consumer fireworks.

    Sparklers are one of the staples of consumer fireworks today, they come in also sorts of sizes and are used at virtually every 4th of July celebration in the country.

    Fountains are terrific ground based items that shoot sparks 6, 8, 10 feet in the air. Roman candles are the wonderful devices that shoot flaming balls 50 or 60 feet into the air. Rockets and missiles used to be great trajectory items, and today rockets and missiles have payloads that produce vibrant colors, noises and different effects.

    Firecrackers used by many cultures to ward off the evil spirits are part of the tradition of celebrating Independence Day in America.

    Tubes and reloadables are those classic firework devices that shoot shells into the air that busts in to those beautiful traditional 4th of July color displays. Aerial Repeaters are the multiple shot devices that shoot multiple shows into the air that break in smaller patterns and give you wonderful aerial displays.

    Let's talk about a few of the things you will need to assist you in lighting your fireworks. You will need an extended lighting device, a long-neck butane lighter, punk or a Pyro torch to enable you to keep as far away from the product when you are lighting it as possible.

    Before we begin, let me tell you a little bit about Phantom Fireworks. Phantom is one of the nation's leading retailers of consumer fireworks having begun business over 30 years ago. At Phantom, we sell the entire line of consumer firework products from sparklers to 500 gram aerial repeaters.

    At Phantom, we want you to have a terrific firework experience using the latest and greatest firework devices and using them safely and properly. So let's get started, first, we are going to talk about Sparklers.