How To Sell Gold Jewelry

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amanda Gizzi with Jewelers of America discusses what you need to know when selling gold jewelry.

    Amanda Gizzi: Hi! I am Amanda Gizzi with Jewellery Information Center; here to give you some tips for selling your gold jewelry. The thought of cashing in your gold jewelry might have you seen the dollar signs in your head. But before you set out to sell, follow these simple tips. Don't act on impulse; carefully evaluate every piece of jewelry that you're looking to sell. Most pieces of gold jewelry have some emotional value. Make sure that emotional value does not at way the price that you'll receive.

    Find a reputable buyer; ask if the company is the member of the trade association, such as jewelers of America. Make sure they are licensed to buy gold jewelry in your state, and check their status with the better business bureau. Get an appraisal, have antique or intricate jewelry appraised before selling it to a buyer that pays by weight. Designer or antique jewelry could be worth more to sell as a finished piece than the gold it is made out of. Shop around; get bids from multiple companies before you settle on a buyer. The offers you receive maybe already significantly depending on where you sell it. Know what you have. Most jewelry in United States is 10, 14, or 18 carat gold which is comprised of gold and other alloys. When selling your gold you will only get to paid for the parts that are pure gold. Protect your jewelry, before leaving your jewelry with or shipping your jewelry to a potential buyer document and photograph the pieces. Check the company's reimbursement policy in the event of a loss. Lastly be a realistic; remember that you will only be getting paid for the amount of your gold in your jewelry minus fees the company has to charge for refining. Following these simple tips will help you get your gold's worth.

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