How to Sell Your Antique Online

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Explore the Ease of selling your antiques and collectibles online in this informative video. Learn helpful tips on: how to best price your collectible; describing merchandise for internet buyers; and finding the perfect site to sell your item through. Additionally, this video touches on using social networking and other internet tools as a compliment to your selling strategy.

    Palmer Pekarek: Hello! I am Palmer Pekarek from rubylane.

    com and we are talking about antiques and collectibles and how to sell them online.

    For many, selling online can be difficult, they are not sure what to expect. Buyers also have a hard time buying antiques online, because they can't touch or feel those item. I am going to give you some tips today about how to make it easier for your buyers to buy your collectible or antique. Make sure that you have taken the time to ascertain the value of your collectible or antique, it's important so you know what to sell it for. Then, research different types of sites online, where you can sell your antique or collectible. They are not all the same; some are a little more crowed than others and some offer different features. Finally, make sure you know how much you want to spend to sell your collectable or antique. It makes all the difference in the world.

    Talk about the item, create a narrative. Make sure that people know that it's a unique antique. Next, make sure that you take several photos of your art collectable or antique, are there any special markings that need to be described online; a photo can help you out there. Make sure that the photo tells the story of the antique, and is very, very descriptive.

    Now that you have photographs, you have got a narrative, you have picked a site, you are ready to sell online. I have a couple of tips for you to make sure that your item gets in front of buyers.

    First, use social networking; Facebook and Twitter. Make sure your friends and family members know that you have an item for sale. Who knows, they may be the ones who buy that collectible. Next, see if you can use featuring or AdWords to make sure that your item gets into search engines a little bit faster. Finally, develop reciprocal links, update your shop regularly, and email potential customers and past customers about the items you have in your shop.

    Hopefully, these tips, along with the ones I mentioned earlier, will help you sell your antique and collectible in the online marketplace.