How to Set the Perfect Table Setting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Event manager Johari Barnes demonstrates how to set the perfect table setting.

    Johari Barnes: Hi! I am Johari Barnes; I am the owner of Distinctively Yours Event Management and today, I will be showing you how to set a perfect table setting. The table setting can be used for your bridal luncheon; it can be used for your rehearsal dinner or even for your wedding reception. We are going to talk about color; we are going to talk about the types of plates that you put on the table, the flatware that you use, the cups, the centerpieces, the accessories that go to the table. Then we are going to show you all of those items, all placed together and then we'll show you the final product. One of the things we are going to talk about today is color. Color is very important; either you'd have a theme that it incorporates color or just colors that would like to have at your wedding ceremony. The colors we have chosen today are black, turquoise and shades of pink. What we have done is incorporate all those colors into a table setting that is beautiful, memorable, elegant and hopefully inspiring, something that your guest will remember. All the items you see here with exception of the centerpieces have been rented from the local rental company and any of these things can be rented, but one thing in choosing a rental company, make sure, it's a company that has a wide range of items, lots of different charges, lots of different napkin colors, lots of different types of material. Today, we have used Select Event Rentals located here in Baltimore, Maryland.

    Just let me give you a little background about myself. I have over ten years of experience on planning events, in the last three years focusing mainly on weddings and this is one of the table settings that I would do for a client who has a budget that doesn't allow a huge amount of spending, but it still produces something very, very pretty, something nice, something that her guest will enjoy. So let's get started, we are going talk about linen.